Lack of Love Leads to Men Losing Power and Health

Learn how men's executive performance and emotional intelligence are affected by love and relationships

Aaasha LaCount, CEO and Founder of BeyondEQ International

2/7/20237 min read

An EMOTIONAL approach to health and well being for Executive & High-Achieving men. An article on how harboring emotions, stress & ‘old’ energy may be causing dis-ease, like prostate cancer and heart disease. Combined with minimal love and affection? Is it causing Emasculation and Depletion of Vitality? In the last two years I have been deepening into the understanding of dis-ease in the body and the direct correlation it has with our emotional and energetic health. This is something so often overlooked or considered esoteric or woo-woo. Yet, it is extremely important and there is absolutely no denying that if anything is alive on this planet, it has an eneregtic charge.

In my Emotional Intelligence & Energetics work so far, I have worked with hundreds of men & women, some which have been dealing with their personal situations like overactive thyroids, thyroid cancer, access weight in the body, and having difficulty getting pregnant. Others have exhausted options on dealing with physical and mental challenges, to which I have cured with my natural yet technical approach to healing (including hundreds of women’s anxiety, my own being no exception). All clients with these diseases or medical ailments, so far in my service of healing through the power of the intellect of the emotion, have had astounding results.

The couple who were unable to get pregnant (after years of trying) were able to conceive after I gave one session to the man and one to the woman. I innately believe the man in that case was storing emotions in his lower body. His back pain stopped as well. As of recent, my work with Executive Men in the C-Suite has shown me a trend in the way men of Power are measuring in their Emotional and Energetic well-being. My Frequency test gives us an accurate reading of their inner compass, so we can see deeper into the behavior and pinpoint the issue. This is what separates my work from other Mindset, Self-Development or Reiki things. I use a tool that gets to the root by taking a very precise Psychometrics test.

Here is an example of a test I administer. As you can see below, there are 26 Areas of Emotional Measurement. This person has high Resilience and lower Empathy and Behavioural-Self Control, a High-achiever who may snap under pressure a bit, and not see the ‘weaknesses’ of others very tolerable. This person acts this way toward others because he is tough on himself. Low Empathy to others means low Empathy to Self.

I began to notice a trend with the Power that they were omitting at work, but a lack of Love or respect at home. Having huge success in the boardroom, but little to nothing in the bedroom. If they happened to be receiving Love from their wife, very little to no actual physical affection. Going through the motions, if you will. Some going many years with no sex. And resorting to porn, or hired services to have someone to speak to or be intimate with.

And though that may seem like the way to seek ‘relief’, the act of having sex is not the same as stimulated and activated sexual energy through the Frequency of Love from a partner. The physical act of sex is actually not necessarily harnessing the energy of the life force that lives within a man. Love as a Frequency does this. So, when you are in a relationship and not being met with Love (when you are a man), you begin to lose your Vitality, Benevolence and Personal Power. This is the Law of Polarity. There is nowhere for the energy to go.

Why would men resort to hiring women or companionship or turn to pornography as an outlet?

They are simply trying to meet a very primal need & desire, and as a man, this is natural. In my opinion as a professional in human behavior and the understanding of the subconscious mind, the reptilian brain, emotions & internal energetic frequency, this is how we begin to really start dividing people and widening the gap between men & women. There are also other men that are so integral that they don’t do any of the above, just simply hold it in, and believe that their providership of money or taking care of their family would be enough to get them ‘Love’ in return. Often these men question themselves. “I don’t understand what more I can do. If she would just love me…”.

The truth about life is you attract what you are. You bring in what you are sending out. And therefore, this means that no amount of action-taking is going to solve this depletion of emotional well-being and energetic health in men. Stifling this desire is not ok, it actually stores in your body. There has to be a better way. Shaming men for this is just outrageous, we can educate and solve the problem, so if this is intriguing, read on as to how my Energetic Healing Method plays a role here. Men are natural providers, all they desire in return is Love. And they are not being ‘paid back’, even though it is very simple.

This is a pattern.

And it is on-going with the hundreds of men that I work with. And dare I say thousands more. And, if men are not willing to address it, we will continue to see it move down the family line, as that is how genetics work. Dis-ease ‘runs in the family’ until someone decides to heal it and do something about it. This pattern can cause a lose of an entire generation, quite frankly, as men will have completely become emasculated and lost in their own situation and bleakness. And I have learned that masturbating and/or seeking affection elsewhere is STILL not fulfilling. Because, again, nothing out there will fulfill what you are missing inside.


The world needs strong men with Masculine Presence. The one that moves through the heart, which is measured by his frequency, vitality, benevolence and kindness, with a razar-sharp clean energy. A combination of Love and Truth. A man who can not be controlled, but never stifles a woman. Within weeks of working with one team, the men began losing weight from stored emotional fat, improving their relationships, and one man passed a kidney stone as we went through a strategy to safely release the rage he was harboring against his father.

Why? What is actually happening to these high-powered men?
This is energy. This is energy in motion. See, sex has nothing to do with the ‘act’ and everything to do with the energy that is stored and carried. This is an ancient understanding of moving lifeforce energy (Chi) through the body. And therefore, men, who often equate this “love” or unmet desire to the act of sex, are simply not getting fulfilled Men, also, as natural Problem Solvers and Thinkers, will try to figure out why they are sick, have gotten a dis-ease like cancer or heart disease, by over-researching or getting analytical as men naturally desire to do. Think their way to the answer. “Solve” the problem.

They generally spend a lot of time in their analytical mind and not enough time in the emotional and energetic body, especially men who are high-acheivers and providers by nature. They have been taught to stifle emotions and then, if they are able to release them, if they are not met with love from a woman, they will still be searching outside themselves for some sort of emotional relief. Again, a very primal response and why things are a bit backwards at the moment with the ever-growing unhappy, anxious, over masculine women trying to control things and men feeling as if they can not be met with the natural essence of a woman’s love.

So, when a man represses his emotions without any proper understanding on how to release them, and then combines that with an increase in lack of Feminine Love, we have a combination for a serious situation that results in things like prostate cancer and heart disease. Let’s focus on prostate cancer in this article. Men suppressing sexual energy and testosterone are more susceptible to prostate cancer, according to an increase in the two hormone levels listed below. This is a result of NOT RELEASING emotions.

Having higher levels of androgens (which are hormones that include testosterone but are not limited to that), contribute to prostate cancer risk in men. Additionally, some research has found that men with high levels of another hormone, insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1), are more likely to get prostate cancer. An androgen, or male sex hormone, is defined as a substance capable of developing and maintaining masculine characteristics in reproductive tissues. The association between serum IGF-I and measures of mood regulation (anxiety, etc) might be bi-directional. That is, serum IGF-I and mood influence each other.

Androgen increase? Could be caused by suppressed sexual energy with no release, resulting in irritability.

IGF-I increase? This causes anxiety, which means it may be influenced by this and directly effect mood.

Surpressed E-motion. Energy in Motion. Emotional Health. We are seeing prostate cancer increase year-on-year in men, and not enough people are considering the emotional aspect of this and even more-so, the energetic aspect.

The rate shoots up to 1 in 54 for ages 50 to 59, 1 in 19 for ages 60 to 69, and 1 in 11 for men 70 and older.
Energetic Health is NOT woo-woo or esoteric. Our entire physical body is surrounded by energy, and it is where trauma is stored. It is so simple once you see it. My Method covers all the ways to solve dis-ease and problems like this, yet the first place we often go is to the doctors and to endless pills to stifle our emotions and feelings, afraid of the truth, which is that we are holding on to energy that is no longer serving us. And that we can actually release it because our body is capable of amazing things.

With my technique it is simple and approachable and very down to Earth. I use a measurable test that gives precise answers on Frequency, so the guess-work and ‘woo-woo’ is completely removed. It is why people have such outstanding results in such short periods of time, after trying everything else. This is an ever-growing area of concern that I know can be solved with Emotional Intelligence & the understanding of Energetic hygiene.

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Aasha is an International Speaker, Consultant and Emotional & Energetic Intelligence Expert. She is the Founder & CEO at BeyondEQ International, Coaching, Consulting and Recruiting for Executives and High-Acheivers and she is also the Founder of Aasha T. International where she focus’s on Self-Worth work for men & women and Masculine Presence and Feminine Embodiment.

She has helped thousands of clients with her work in Emotions Clearing and truly believes that this work will replace therapy as we know it, and it is a major driver in her Mission.

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