Overcome 2 Issues that Cost Executives Time, Money and Credibility

Overcome these two common challenges that can plague all leaders and high performing executives.

Aasha Lacount, Founder and CEO BeyondEQ International

9/13/20223 min read

At BeyondEQ International we see 2 major issues adversely affecting C-suites and their senior leadership team constituents. These two patterns are misalignment and divisiveness….on things as fundamental as the corporate strategy.

This is a problem that frequently emerges amongst all companies regardless of size, industry, public or private. In short, we find that there is often-times actual divisiveness amongst leadership team members not only over what the priorities are to drive and grow the business but also on what these priorities should be.

Emotional Intelligence Training brings people together, and stops animosity that may breed within teams when everyone is not on the same page. A clear strategy and heightened perspective, paired with Conscious Communication and the ability to ‘deal’ with emotions creates synergy and drives results, naturally increasing the bottom line and retaining staff.

Corporate priorities, be they operational or financial, may be disagreed upon. For example, perhaps the CEO feels the best way to maximize value is to focus on growing revenues with less of a concern for margins. The CFO, by
contrast, may feel as though that is imprudent. He or she may be convinced that growth should be sought at a more measured pace with a keener focus on margin expansion. At the end of the day, its is the CEO’s call to make (with obvious sanctioning from the board) and the rest of the management teams job to work with the CEO to implement and execute the strategic directives…..regardless of however their personal opinion may diverge. The point is that it is paramount that everyone at a company be working towards common strategic goals with all of their proverbial oars
rowing in the same direction.

Getting clear and focused on strategic goals within a team creates an ability to see the bigger picture. Paired with Emotional Intelligence coaching on an individual basis, results are accomplished faster and with precision as we remove the emotions from the decision-making. Differences of professional opinion will always exist amongst staff members as to how the company’s achievements can be optimized and maximized, but “buy in” by staff members must be had. CEO’s need to paint and evangelize a long-term vision for their company. This vision needs to be accompanied with a clear roadmap as to its achievement — and in a manner that is easily understood, valued and appreciated by all stakeholders.

In theory this all makes perfect sense, but in practice it is quite challenging. How do you effectively foster a corporate environment where staff members are harmonious and healthily unified in working to fulfill the CEO’s vision?

It starts with Emotional Intelligence…

Warren Gamaliel Bennis was an American scholar, organizational consultant and author, widely regarded as a pioneer of the contemporary field of Leadership studies, writing over 10 books on Leadership. With Emotional Intelligence (EQ) implemented in the training and recruiting process of an organization you will get the entire team on the same page.

There are two ways Emotional Intelligence will increase productivity and stop divisiveness and misalignment.

  1. ) IT CREATES CLARITY — Emotional Intelligence clears emotions and balances people. Balanced People = Balanced Books and harmony. When you take the emotion out of decision-making and out of longterm vision and goal setting, everyone gets really clear on what needs to happen as the vision becomes like a bullseye, and the entire team is the arrow. No one has emotional pain if there is a misalignment, instead the goal is so clear and it doesn’t change, so it becomes very simple. Move toward the goal. Use the same language. Create results…faster.

  2. ) IT HEIGHTENS PERSPECTIVE & EXCERCISES FORSIGHT — Jeff Bezos, Founder of Amazon, is said to have a very high Intuition (foresight) and a heightened perspective due to his Emotional Intelligence. In fact, he spends upwards of $1.5 billion dollars annually training his Executives in Emotional Intelligence and cutting-edge coaching. By raising your EQ, you are also raising your IQ, as that is how the brain works! Therefore, your perspective gets higher. And what happens when you have high perspective? You make less mistakes. It’s like the adult and a child. The child doesn’t quite have the perspective or life experience that the adult has, which means the child can be manipulated and easily formed into a belief system. When you are the one that has the highest perspective as a TEAM, you flourish. You will walk your way to the finish line, regardless of what is going on around you. Look at the way Bezos performed during the pandemic. His foresight (EQ) prepared him and his Perspective (also EQ) took him to an astounding increase in profits of 220%. Some say luck? Not us at BeyondEQ. It is Emotional Intelligence. And focus…when everyone else said it wouldn’t work.

EQ is what separates the good from the great. Division, misalignment and so many other symptoms of lack of training diminish when you put the team first in this training, preparing teams for the new paradigm.

Aasha is an International Speaker, Consultant and Emotional & Energetic Intelligence Expert. She is the Founder & CEO at BeyondEQ International, Coaching, Consulting and Recruiting for Executives and High-Acheivers. She is also the Founder of Aasha T. International where she focus’s on Self-Worth for men & women.