Performance Coaching

Course Name: AMPLIFY - Starting at the Top

Performance coaching for the CEO and CFO or equivalent. Includes:

  • 2x unique scientifically backed psychometric Emotional Intelligence tests for the CEO & CFO (or equivalent)

  • 2x 1:1 Sessions (1 hr each) to go through the test results, give you a professional analysis, and facilitate a plan to create change for maximum impact

  • 1-hour online EQ workshop with the team (max. 20 people) to increase team’s productivity fast

  • 1x Feedback Session (1 hr) with Aasha T and the CEO to discuss what needs to change and how to implement tangible improvements to your team’s performance

Spring 2023 Limited Time Offer: $11,000

Don’t you just wish you could see what’s going on inside your employees’ minds?

  • How happy are they really?

  • Are they on the verge of leaving and you wouldn’t even know?

  • Are they working to their full potential?

  • Are they profitable in the way you need them to be so that you can guarantee bonuses and enjoy presenting record numbers to the board?

At BEQI we take something that is intangible and put it into a tangible format by aligning your team. This enables your company to rapidly increase its bottom line by transforming your team into being the highest possible achievers.

Often times what appears to be the problem is merely the symptom of a deeper-rooted issue. Addressing the root problem will translate into much happier staff members who are far more fulfilled and efficient.

This is what Beyond EQ International does.

To work with us we have a very simple, highly effective introductory offer, which you can book right away by simply clicking below.